A Hair Resolution

Well, that was a longer break than I intended to take from the blog here, but the holidays ran long, and I’ve been sick for a couple of days. You’ll be happy to know that I’m breaking my silence with another riveting story about hair.

As we get ready to bring in the New Year, I’m compiling the annual list of things that I’d like to change about myself and my life. I have the usual suspects lined up, and since my husband and I have spent the last three weeks playing a little game we like to call, “Let’s see how fat we can get before January 1,” getting back to the gym is number one.

But, I’ve also decided to make an effort to do something each day with my crazy, curly hair.  I really need to get rid of the permanent bun that I’ve been wearing for the last decade or so out of complete laziness and total loss of the will to fight the frizz in any way since having my daughter. I wear this horribly severe hair style tied up with a scrunchi, as much as it pains me to admit that, but I’m putting it out there for your amusement. Yes, I live in the land that time forgot, and scrunchis are the only hair ties that don’t break my hair. They are small and blend with my hair color if that makes your laughter subside in any way.

Anyway, I’ve been a little lost in the hair department lately, because the girl who has cut my hair for the last twelve years moved away. We had some scary times together, like the time she thought my hair would look great with reddish tones to it, and I ended up with purple Barney hair, but she never gave me a haircut that made me cry and that’s pretty much my only requirement. We tried highlights, colors, relaxers, and different shapes for my hair, and it was a good run, but she left Texas and I’ve been without a hairdresser since September. About two months ago, I went to a cheap place to get a trim, and the lady went after my hair with thinning shears. She didn’t speak enough English for me to stop her from this attack in time, and I was horrified. It was traumatic to say the least, but I still had full bun capability so after I cried, I let it go and grow.

As reluctant as I was to get back in the chair, I needed to get a haircut pretty badly, so I spent almost a full day reading reviews on hair salons that understand curly hair, before settling on the girl who changed my life today.

She taught me more about my hair in two hours, than I have learned in my entire life, and she is the only person who has ever styled my hair without straightening it, that I haven’t immediately walked out and pulled it up in a pony tail because they just didn’t get it. Not only that, but I wore my hair down all day, curly, which I don’t think has happened since 1996. This might be the holy grail of hair products for curly-haired people.

I'm in love

The product is called Curlisto, and she used equal parts mixed of the Structure Lotion and Control II Gel. I won’t bore you too much with the details of the appointment, but the process is to apply liberally to really damp hair, comb through, section and scrunch the curls into a reasonable shape and then sit under the dryer, or let it air dry (which can take a long time). But, the results were great; it is a little pricy, but worth it in my opinion–it dries soft without that crunchy feeling that most gels leave.

This is me, and my hair. It is completely dry, and while I don’t have a before picture handy, this is such a vast improvement, that I can hardly believe it. The true test will be if I can recreate what she’s done here, but if I can, I will probably be buying this by the gallon for the rest of my life, along with an old lady hair drying helmet for home use. Oh yeah, I will buy one if it means I can wear my hair down without using the Chi, and without the dreaded Big Tex, 80s hair.

Curlisto for life, baby!

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9 thoughts on “A Hair Resolution

  1. Oh my goodness, we are one in the same! I have lived every word of what you’ve said in this post. I’ve experimented with my curly hair since birth and it has consumed me. I didn’t wear it down for the longest time after moving to Texas with the humidity. I’ve finally figured it out for the most part, but I’ve learned to accept the huge frizzy hair when the weather doesn’t cooperate. I’ll be trying the Curlisto for sure, I’m always looking for new products. Congrats on getting out of the hair rut, I know what a great feeling that can be!

    • Thanks, Carly! Consumed is a great word for it, and it has been a lifelong fight for me too, usually ending in me trying to radically change the texture of my hair at any cost. This works, but I’m still considering trying the keratin treatment if I come into some cash anytime soon. Would love to hear your product recommendations and styling tips as well.

      • I change up the products I use a lot, even though my hair is dependent on the weather vs. the products I use most of the time. I put a relaxer on my hair once every 4-5 months or so. That seems to be the biggest help of all. It’s called Iso Maintamer and you can order it online for like $20. I can usually get 3 uses out of it, so one package can last a year or more. I put it on myself. Your hair doesn’t look as coarse as mine so I’m not sure if it would benefit you. If you try it, I would suggest having your hair stylist do it at least the first time and then if you feel comfortable, do the touch-up treatments yourself. I have very curly hair and a LOT of it, so I need something to calm it down. My favorite product right now is Redken Curl Cream (usually sold in salons only or online). I buy it at the salon in Walmart usually. It’s expensive but it’s good. Then I use some stronger gel like Frizz Ease. I use a diffuser because it would take all day to dry if I didn’t. Hope that helps some. If you do the keratin treatment let me know how it works, I haven’t tried it before.

  2. I can comment from work, but not home–go figure. As someone who has personal knowledge of your hair (LOL) and has shed tears with you hooray!! It looks soooo cute. I just love it.

  3. That IS a great hair cut and I will be ordering that product pronto!! As a side note I have lived all of the same issues and more. I once talked my longtime-but-stuck-in-the-80s-hairdresser-whom-I-don’t-use-anymore (cause I moved) to give me a “reverse perm” – you know put in the chemicals and comb it out instead of curlers. (very “pre-keratin”) It wasn’t good–all the smell and it didn’t even last and only wrecked my hair. But then I discovered the “african american” section of my local urban drugstore and for a while was regularly “relaxing” my hair with a “no lye” product designed for 8 year old black girls. WTF was I thinking?!
    I now have a new hairdresser who has shown me that curly can be acceptably styled and I wear it much shorter so it can be blown out in under an hour! But still I am thinking about the Keratin when I get the cash and the guts…
    Gotta go home – see you in 2012!!

    • Thanks! It is still the magic serum, even after the Keratin treatment. I’ve used the african american relaxing products as well, but I finally splurged for the keratin treatment a few months ago and it is the best treatment I have ever put on my hair. Trying the reverse perm was pretty ballsy! I’m impressed, but I’m sorry that it wrecked your hair.

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