Crying Cause I’m Laughing From my Soul With You

Both of my brothers are musically gifted. One has a master’s degree in concert piano, the other plays guitar and sings. I will probably post some of their hits here at some point, but I woke up singing a song one brother wrote for his wife. I could not find a video or track to post here, so you’ll have to deal with my quote and trust that it is a very sweet song.

One of the lines is, “I love…crying cause’ I’m laughing from my soul with you.”

It has always stuck with me because it sums up everything I was looking for and found in my husband.

We have those laughing moments when I have tears streaming down my face, and my soul delights in our life and love. I’m convinced that those moments, as often as possible, are the key to a lasting and joyful marriage.

Today is our third anniversary. Feels like longer, right babe?

I’m sharing my love and some of our stories today. It’s okay if you don’t laugh from your soul because that is pretty intimate and I’m not sure we’re there yet blog readers.

  1. I love that we share a twisted sense of humor, and that people don’t always get you when they first meet you. Calling the drink waitress over by shouting, “Nurse!!” might offend some, but it still makes me laugh.
  2. I didn't feel like trying to edit the video, but this picture is real time as I almost dropped this candle and let the mother f-er burn.

    I love that the stories about how we met, how we ended up together, how you proposed and I thought you were joking, how we went twice to get our marriage license in Vegas because the line was too long the first time and I had no business signing legal documents that second day after being at a pool cabana for six hours before, and even the wedding itself are not typical. They are ours and could only play out in a disastrous romantic comedy where everyone ends up alone, but we are together. Even though I almost burned the chapel down with the unity candle, when you reached out and steadied both hands to help control my shaking, I knew that everything would be okay. And I didn’t drop your ring, so I think that is a good omen.

  3. I love that you didn’t let me push you to have kids before you were ready. When I was turning 30 and freaking out about not having children yet, I saw some pictures of one my nephews decked out in Longhorn gear. I showed you the pictures, and said, “Awww, I want a little Longhorn fan.” You remembered the comment and for my dirty 30 you bought me a handheld fan that lit up when the blades started spinning. It said, “Go Longhorns!” and I had my little longhorn fan and a reminder that good things come to those who wait.
  4. I love that you are the only person I can dance with and not feel like the horrible toe stomper and bad follower we both know I am.
  5. I love that you drive wherever we go together. I can see myself as an old, blue hair being a menace on the freeways someday because I have forgotten how to drive myself anywhere, but you make me feel safe and protected now.
  6. I love the way you delight in our daughter. I see your love for her, and I know she will always see her worth reflected in your eyes.
  7. I love that a hug from you can make the whole world melt away.
  8. I love that you probably won’t read this until sometime next week. It drives me crazy, but you always catch up on the posts, and tell me they are good even though you don’t like reading.
  9. I love that when my Dad was sick, and I was away for weeks at a time, you never once complained about my absence from our life. You stood with me as he slipped away, you held me as I cried, you gave me your strength when I had none.
  10. I love that you take care of us, that you go to work every day and never complain about it or tell me that I haven’t done enough, or contributed enough, or cleaned enough. I love that you basically refuse to fight with me because the little things aren’t worth fighting about, and I need to be reminded of that.

You are my logic when I’m not thinking clearly, my safety when the world closes in on me, my memory when I forget.

I could spend a lifetime in one of your hugs, and I will laugh with you forever.

You are my lobster, you complete me, and you had me at Jell-O.

Happy Anniversary!

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36 thoughts on “Crying Cause I’m Laughing From my Soul With You

  1. Happy Anniversary. This is one of the most beautifully written and deeply heartfelt posts I’ve ever read here on WP, and I was truly moved.

    Love the wedding photo, and the next time my wife and I go out, I think that we will try calling for our waitress, by calling her Nurse! Lol :-)

    • Thanks Chris! Means a lot considering I’ve read some of yours to your wife that blew me away.
      The photo almost looks staged, but it really captured the whole moment.
      I think Nurse is appropriate when they are bringing our good time meds :) It is not always well received though.

      • Hey, it’s not OUR fault if they don’t have a sense of humor! We’re just trying to add some excitement and novelty to their dull and boring restaurant jobs. Lol

        Then again, there are some really humorless types out there, who are not beneath resorting to certain disgusting and vulgar retaliations against us, via our food. Which is why if you are going to enjoy living the lifestyle of a wise arse, it pays to also be a good judge of character. Lol

      • Wise arses must always be good judges of character :) Some people laugh, some are just over dealing with people anyway and are probably swirling stuff in the mojitos even when no one calls them nurse.

  2. Rachelle,
    Happy anniversary! Next year, don’t forget to hire Le Clown. Nothing says I LOVE YOU like a 40-yr old French mime!!
    Le Clown

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