Black Cat Enthusiast or Future Serial Killer?

In honor of our mid-week holiday tomorrow, I thought I would post some reflections on Black Cats.

Weapons of mass destruction for children. credit:

If you aren’t familiar with Black Cat Fireworks (or that they now have an Elite Club which offers many useless benefits in exchange for your email address), then I believe you were deprived as a child, and were probably never allowed to hold your own sparklers.

You might not know what a punk is in relation to setting off fireworks, you may not remember Ohio Blue Tip, Strike Anywhere matches, lighters that were not child-proof, and you’ve probably never held a Roman Candle as it went off and you shot multi-colored fire balls from your hands like a Jedi or had a sibling point one at you and make you dance.

That may or may not have really happened.

Buying fireworks for the 4th and shooting them off at the ranch down by the river (not in a van) are some of my favorite memories. I’m sad that I can’t make it down there tomorrow for another crawfish boil and to celebrate in exactly the same way we did as kids. With more beer, of course.

Walking up to the fireworks stand and seeing all the things we could set on fire was better than going to the snow cone stands, and that was the best part of those road trips.

We always walked away with a huge bag of goodies, and that bag always included a few packs of Black Cats.

Black Cats are like tiny sticks of dynamite, and should never be given to children without supervision.

Here are some things my brothers, cousins, and I may or may not have done with our yearly supply of Black Cats:

  • Set off the whole package with one flick of the Bic. A little wasteful, but great fun, and a lot of noise all at once.
  • Light each Black Cat, one by one, holding it until the last possible second before flinging it away to pop in mid-air.
  • Same as above, but throwing them at or near each other at the last second. It’s really a miracle that we all made it out of childhood with our eyes and fingers intact.
  • Inserting a few Black Cats into ant hills like a birthday cake. Lighting each one and running away before it started raining angry, stinging, red ants.
  • Putting them into the mouths of minnows, frogs, or anything else we could catch, and blowing them up (No way, that never happened, and none of us became serial killers. That I know of anyway).

I’m sure there are some stupid things we did that I can’t remember right now, but this list is enough to keep me from buying Black Cats for my daughter until she is at least 15.

Maybe I’ll let her hold her own sparkler someday, and I’ll probably buy her some magic black snakes.

At least those don’t explode, and little piles of ash snakes are almost as fun as mini sticks of dynamite and come with noxious chemicals to breathe.

I think my Texas might be showing again.

Anyone else have a dangerous or Dexter-like, fun with fireworks example?

Always remember, Black Cats make horrible birthday cake candles.

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16 thoughts on “Black Cat Enthusiast or Future Serial Killer?

  1. Of course. I don’t think any of us was suppose to survive childhood, especially during the holiday.

    I was in Ohio when one of my Uncle’s brought us fireworks from a state it was legal in…that was the best 4th ever. I’m surprised we didn’t go to jail either.

    • Fireworks are illegal in other states?
      I’m kidding.
      Sort of-that is weird to me though. They only ban them here if the grass is so dry the sparks from thunder thighs rubbing together could set the whole state on fire.

  2. I was terrified of sparklers when I was little. lol I definitely wouldn’t have done anything half as daring as *gulp* playing with REAL fireworks.

    I say “when I was little,” but truth be told, I’m still a wimp.

    • I was pretty scared of them myself. I was mostly an observer in these events until someone called me a baby and I had to try to act like I wasn’t. My black cats always popped on the ground, and I still hold sparklers pretty far away from me :)

  3. LOVE firecrackers, cherry bombs, M-80s, bottle rockets, bigger rockets, some very loud and powerful homemade explosives made by a friend, back in the early 1980s, and yes, of course black cats! :-) Thanks for inspiring the recall of many fond memories!

    Happy 4th of July to you and yours! :-)

  4. I grew up in an area that was always dry and prone to wild fires so fireworks were illegal except for the big public displays put on by the city. Of course those were attended by several fire trucks and a lot of firemen. We were allowed sparklers under close supervision with a bucket of water immediately availabe. I guess that is why I love them so now that I’m in a state where they are legal. Of course quite a bit of Utah is currently on fire so there are some limitations, but we can still do some in our quiet cul-de-sac. Have a great 4th!

    • I hope you had a great one too. I apologize for not responding to this comment right away. I like the bucket of water close by idea.

  5. Yes I did them one by one. Whole pack shots went too fast !
    I liked bottle rockets & whistlers more – which were almost the same thing, except they moved out of YOUR range. Usually.

  6. Okay… just because MY last post before yesterday was on July 2nd, and then I disappeared from WP for the next 13 days, doesn’t mean that you should do the same. Unless of course, you really want to… Hope that you and yours are happy and well, and enjoying your summer in any case, Rachelle.

    • Haha! I went to visit my mom for awhile, and she’s in a part of OK that high speed Internet forgot :) I couldn’t even get on WP. I should be back writing tomorrow or the next day depending on how long it takes me to get over the 11 hour vomit-palooza drive that will likely be the subject of my next post :)

  7. Fireworks are are just one of those awesome childhood memories. My brother and I may or may not have thrown lit M80s into our backyard pond to see the incredible water explosion that ensued!

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