Write Love Notes

After all this time together, my husband still leaves me love notes.

I found one this morning, and it made me smile, so I figured I’d share.

He left it on the grocery list I keep on the refrigerator because I forget.

The list is for things that come up that we don’t need to buy every week; for example, this week’s list includes two new plungers, one for each bathroom, pickles, coffee creamer, paper plates, and diapers.

So’s your butt!

My life is very glamorous.

Thank goodness he reminded me. I definitely would have forgotten to pick up my butt at Sam’s today.

Butt jokes and laughter are the best love notes of all.

Write that down.

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21 thoughts on “Write Love Notes

  1. That’s a great idea. I’m going to start writing more love notes to my wife and my mistress.

    (Stop throwing things at me, it was just a joke. I’m only going to write them to my mistress.)

    (Stop the pinching! Boy, you ladies have no sense of humor!)

  2. I leave stick figures on things. My husband cracks up that I can draw a stick figure doing just about anything. One night we were playing a game and I passed him a drawing of two stick figures in *ahem* adult positions. Gotta love those love notes ;p

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