Want a Free Banner Designed for your Website?


Hope everyone is having a great Valentine’s Day. I’m sharing some love here today as well. If you’ve ever wanted a face lift for your blog header, check out this post from Adam and the bad ass banners he’s already created around WP. I highly recommend hitting him up, especially if you are Photoshop challenged like myself.
He’s a cool CAT–creative AND talented, and he’s done some great work already.
Go see for yourself!

Originally posted on Chowderhead:

Howdy, Folks!  Remember me?

It’s so weird posting articles here.  It’s like walking through the old office that’s been hollowed out, and seeing a bunch of ghosts from years past standing around the water cooler having conversations.  Everything is starting to look a bit neglected.  And look, there’s even a thin coat of dust on all of the upholstery and empty keg barrels?

*wipes tear*

Anyways, I’m here to announce something very cool today:

The Chowderhead Banner Design service doors are now open to the public!

I finally graduated from the University of Microsoft Paint!  Just in case you don’t remember how shoddy my Photoshop skills were at one point, have a look back HERE.

In the meantime, because I’m trying to build a sweet-ass portfolio, the first 25 people to contact me about having a wicked new banner designed for their website or blog will get it done…

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6 thoughts on “Want a Free Banner Designed for your Website?

  1. Hey Rachelle-
    I’ve been following you for a while but have not done much else in that time. However, I just re-retired and am in the process of trying to build my blog so your suggestion came at the right time. I have come up w/what I hope will be a multi-purpose title/tagline and I hope Adam will give me a bangin banner to go with it i.e something I could use on linkedin, too, if/when I reach that point. Here they are, and let me know what you think:
    Title is…

    My Self-Evident Truths


    Valid arguments against may be considered.

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